One hour optics advice

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You're developing a product which needs illumination optics, but don't quite know where to start? Talk to me about for one hour -- I'm an expert, and happy to help you choose the right direction for your development. Contact me at or +49 89 89340203 for details.

How this works

Early, high level guidance from an expert is key to steering your product development into the right direction, avoiding dead ends. Especially in illumination optics, this expert advice is hard to find. I am such an expert and I can look at your problem with 25 years of experience. You would simply buy this one hour from me at checkout, and contact me at or +49 89 89340203 to fix date and time, quite possibly on the same day. I will then send you an invitation to a Zoom meeting, making it easy for you to show me your problem on your screen. 
I will keep your information confidential, of course -- if necessary for you, we can sign an NDA.