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 Here, you can book the online course on "Modeling Sources and System in Illumination Optics",
three days, August 1, 2, and 3, 2023
17:00 -- 20:00 (Central European Time)
after you have registered at Synopsys

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 This course is organized and hosted by Synopsys, Inc. If you have not been redirected here after registering with Synopsys, please register there first: You will then be redirected back here. Your contact information and your amount paid will be shared with Synopsys, Inc. 

Course Details

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This three-day online short course shows engineers in illumination optics how to get their ray-tracing models right. It is helpful, but not required to be familiar with the optics concepts covered in our course “Understanding Light for Illumination”.

By the end of the course you will be able to

  • make educated choices which source model to use
  • build well working source models, including spectra, from the often mediocre quality of LED vendor ray files
  • understand how Monte Carlo ray-tracing software “thinks”
  • understand the tradeoffs between various surface and material modeling options
  • apply the concepts covered in our course “Understanding Light for Illumination” to source and system modeling
  • choose which optical effects to model, and which to neglect

Attendees do not need LightTools/Lucidshape or other ray tracing software installed.