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This series of four courses covers all major aspects of optics for illumination. 

  • "Understanding Light for Illumination" presents the beautiful, deep theory of light for illumination in an accessible way, connecting it to the daily challenges of optical designers. This course will show you what étendue really is, which insights you can gain from an étendue analysis, and why it's so immensely useful.
  • "Colorimetry for Illumination Optics" covers what illumination engineers need to now about color, human color vision, color rendering, and more, with a special emphasis on LEDs and practical computation.
  • "Modeling Sources and Optical Systems in Illumination Optics" shows you how to get your ray tracing models right. It's about the art of simplification: How and why to simplify, but not oversimplify. With a host of "do's and don'ts", and a solid workflow for creating good source models from ray files.
  • "Optical Elements in Illumination" presents the building blocks we use to create optical systems in illumination optics, in a consistent, "form follows function" approach.

By the end of these courses, beginners will have a head start into becoming an expert, and even experienced designers will enjoy seeing the whole thing in a new light, as a coherent framework which connects theory and practice. 

Attendees do not need LightTools/Lucidshape or other ray tracing software installed.